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HVAC Case study

Client Background

Nordex group is world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer and have 35 years rich experience in wind turbines. Company has taken maximum orders India and to fulfill the demand Nordex expanded the production and established the new huge plant in Chennai. For their new plant, HVAC was large requirement and they had started to approach well known HVAC contractors.

After reviewing and good reference Nordex approached us with expectation. Weather controlling solutions India pvt ltd has established in 2008 and in 12 years company has delivered successful projects to 100 plus satisfied clients. Weather Control Solutions India Pvt Ltd (WCSIPL) produces a broad range of innovative, energy-efficient and cost-effective HVAC systems & solutions designed to decrease the operational costs, energy consumption and environmental impact of your industrial set-up

Location – Chennai Villang village

HVAC 20 Cr project about

3200 TR

Air cooled 3200 TR chillers with 12,84,000 CFM

660 TR

660 TR condensing unit with 2,40,000 CFM

100 HP

100 HP VRF system

2.60 lakh Sqft

2.60 lakh Sqft Ducting with thermal insulation

3500 RMT

3500 RMT CHW piping and 16 no’s control panels with electrical cabling


The Challenge


To produce FRP blades to Nordex it has to be use chemical compounds as mixer and binding . Its generates high heat and odor. In Chennai ambient temp raises up to 40 to 42 Degree hence to keep inside temperature cool and fresh customer requested to maintain it to 27 degree.


To design cost effective HVAC system for area almost 5.75 lakh sqft In hand time was only 3 months to deliver 15 Lakh CFM air for 5.75 lakh sqft


The Solution

Considering customer requirement and challenges we have divided the factory areas in different cooling solutions. Area’s like Raw material store ,molding, root joint, Finishing and admin building

Large area of 5 lakh sqft shed served by Air-cooled screw chiller of 400 TR x 8 no's and connected with 62 No's AHU’s. Total air delivered to area 12,84,000 CFM along with 3200 TR chiller capacity

Remaining one shed of 75 thousand sqft served by DX units . Its consist of 12 AHU’s along with 60 condensing unit of 11 TR. One AHU connected with 5 No’s of condensing unit with 2,40,000 CFM air delivery

Admin building Total 45 No’s cassette has been installed its equipped with VRF system of 100 HP office area.

2.6 Lakh sqft ducting with 2.5 Lakh thermal insulation utilized to supply 15 Lakh CFM air

3500 RMT chilled water piping connected

16 Control panel connected to all equipments with electrical cabling


The Result

By Providing chillers to 5 Lakh Sqft area , requirement of temperature full filled by it and as its screw chiller which will be performance and cost effective for maintenance.

By not increasing more load on chiller plant capacity for small area of 75 thousand sqft ,DX system has utilized & also achieved the desired temperature.

Due to separate DX system, CHW piping ,insulation and SS cladding has became limited & able to keep separate operation.

BY keeping the system separate from CHW piping, Insulation & cladding cost saved and by not increasing chiller tonnage chiller pricing has been got controlled. In lower cost DX system has got installed.

Why Weather Controlling Solution India Is The Best Choice

WCSIPL provides the client with complete design build solutions including engineering, mechanical drawings, construction management, installation, and service. We have provided solutions to clients across industries like automobile, food processing, bottling, packaging and many more.

Almost all systems we install qualify with the standards of I.S.H.R.A.E. and are superior in quality. We have a good experience and knowledge team who will understand your requirement and suggest solutions that are reliable, efficient and cost effective. For more information please call 020 69000546/ 69000547 or email to to discuss your specific requirements.

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