Wcsipl provides hvac systems and different solutions that help organisations with their factory, building and process they need. The company works onsite, onshore, nearshore and offshore to meet the customer’s cost, quality and delivery goals with minimal risks.

In the last few decades, the hvac industry has been adopting more and more advanced hvac solutions, where minimising the energy consumption, reduction in preventive maintenance and lesser breakdown.

Today hvac is not only an application to use just regular practice. Nowadays we need to understand the client process, application's actual requirements and the impact of temperature as well as humidity on their different areas. Automobile is having all type of requirement like spot cooling, process cooling, humidity control, normal ventilation, spot exhaust system, humid environment, comfort environment etc.

Automobile sector needed spot cooling for less occupancy and high volume assembly lines. Comfort conditions needed at high occupant and assembly, process cooling at different process applications, special climate requirement for paint booths, special system for engine testing chambers and normal ventilation for all warehouses where very less human presence.

WCSIPL has a full-fledged and huge team of experts whose expertise is in handling delivery of all types of HVAC solutions which are needed at different zones in automobiles with energy efficient options.

Wcsipl has more than one decade experience for major automobile industries like VW chakan, Tata batteries Ranjangaon, Air international, Behr Mahle and fleetguard.

Automobile Sectors having large infrastructure & spaces which are difficult to control human comfort. HVAC system capacity depends on area volume and load, if it's critical to handle large spaces even there is very less heat load. Area which has less operator frequency and large area which can be handled with Spot cooling concept. Spot cooling can be used with any type of air conditioner, Evaporative coolers, Ambiators & Air Washer. This type of system can maintain specific operating area temperature by shower of cooled air. Ductless HVAC air distribution with the help of HVLS fans. This fan also helps to reduce power which is required higher in case of the number of wall mounted small fans. Wall mounted fan has a drawback of air movement which is only one direction so requires rotation to cover more area, HVLS can continuously maintain proper air movement to all covered areas. This type of fan is very effective for large industrial sheds. Nowadays natural ventilation design concept is more essential to avoid initial and operating cost in Industrial Large Scale setup. Design any building in such a way that air movement will happen and remove inside heat with natural draft.

Our Application Experience includes fro areas:

  • Engine Test Bench
  • Paint Shop
  • Engine Shop
  • Body shop
  • Assembly shop
  • Furnaces & Foundries
  • Warehouses
  • Parking area.

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