Electronic component assembly, manufacturing, and all areas where they are used need to be maintained at the proper desired temperature with required humidity. Electronic components carry all electronic communication as well as signal and use for all types of automation, controlling & operations. Life depends on cleanliness and a moisture free environment. WCSIPL delivering system which can take care of all dust, humidity & temperature as per requirement and component type & applications.

In the electronic industry, printed wirings get corroded due to the presence of high humidity. Transistors may break down or suffer a decrease in longevity and the uniform growth of crystals is unachievable.

Based on performance, all the electronic equipment can be classified into three categories:

1. Class-1 general electronic products

These include consumer products, some computer and computer peripherals as well as general military hardware suitable for applications where cosmetic imperfections are not important and the major requirement is function of the completed printed board or printed board assembly.

2. Class-2 dedicated service electronic products

These include communication equipment, sophisticated business machines, instruments and military equipment in applications where high performance and extended life are required, and for which uninterrupted service is desired but is not critical. Certain cosmetic imperfections are allowed.

3. Class-3 high-reliability electronic products

These include commercial and military equipment where continued performance or performance on demand is critical.


Reliability can have different meanings to different people. The IPC reliability series describes it as “the state where equipment will work as long as expected. Temperature and moisture control can increase the reliability up to a great extent.

Following are the major impact on electronic component if temperature and humidity not in control

Component Temp.effect Humidity effect
Capacitors, Ceramic Changes in dielectric constant and capacitance, lowered insulation resistance with high temp. -
Capacitors, Electrolytic Increased electrolyte leakage; shortened life, large change in capacitance, increased series resistance with low temp. Decreased insulation resistance increased dielectric breakdown increase in shorts
Capacitors, Tantalum Electrolyte leakage; change in capacitance insulation resistance; series resistance Decreased insulation resistance increased dielectric breakdown increase in shorts
Transistors Increased leakage current; changes in gain; increases in opens and shorts ncreased leakage current; decreased current gain , if sealed not effect
Connectors, standard Flash over, dielectric damage shorts fungus; corrosion of contacts lowered insulation resistance
Crystals Drift; Drift;
Switches Oxidation of contacts Contacts arcing
Thermistors Increased shorts and opens Change in resistance

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