Wind Turbine Manufacturing

Windmill manufacturing facility is one biggest challenge for HVAC design considering large spaces, huge high hangers, a lot of dust generation, Humidity control and precise temperature control for curing the mold. Wind mill sizes are huge compared with normal machinery so all plant located near to Port area. All port area having major water surround so hi humid zone. Humidity are the biggest challenge in terms of volume and humid ambient zone plant selection. Every hanger are in large size so all overhanging crane will be obstacles for all air distributions. Blade basically made with FRP material and need curing and moisture air speed easily affect it. We are top one contractor in India who has delivered and handle wind mill project successfully which is having highest capacity in this manufacturing segments. Our all team, very closely aware about all operating concept and design concept they want for all types of hangers.

As some Windmill hangars are among the largest structures, heating and cooling these facilities is no small feat. In fact, the sheer size of a hangar is one among many challenges that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning our designers and engineers address with each project. For example, depending on the activities taking place, airflow throughout the hangar may need to remove paint fumes or fuel vapour from within the hangar to provide a safe environment and protect adjacent rooms. To accomplish this, our engineers must approach the design with the same care they would use in a laboratory’s HVAC systems, controlling the direction of airflow by maintaining pressure relationships between spaces adjacent to and adjoining the hangar to keep occupants safe

Windmill Blade is huge is Diameter and length so al factory need to have heavy crane and movement are regular with crane and vehicle during blade manufacturing process like molding, finishing & painting. HVAC having biggest challenge due to every area cooled air have to be throwing from the height more than 12 meter and considering dusty environment we cant have choice of return duct from top its need to design at wall side at bottom portion so dust will be not floated and inside environment will be fresh and cleaned.

WCSIPL have great experience to handle all type of large area which is more than 20000 Sq. Mtr and height will be around 21 Mtr. Normal air conditioning number of aspect fails during design for this type of large area air conditioning. We are experienced top one contractor in India who can serve your for all types of large scale area.

Wind turbine blades are manufactured and passed from three different processes.

  • Root joint
  • Moulding
  • Finishing

All different areas having different challenges, Root joining building base of blade and mounting structure, framing structure so its a heart of blade durability. Our system provides a humidity controlling system which can easily work 24 hour 365 days hasslefree to run plant production continuously. Root joints are always provided with positive pressure to avoid outside humidity entering inside. All blade parts are large in diameter and the process of blade handling is also a very critical task. During blade handling the number of shutter opening and closing is more with vehicle passing during material movement also large in size. Every one time material movement needs to open ful shutters for at least 20-30 minutes which causes pressure losses inside the area and outside humidity added inside. Our delivered system will take care of all this sudden impact and our design has considered all manufacturing challenges which will help manufacturers to concentrate on production rather than struggling to maintain parameters. WCSIPL knows the cost of each blade and durability needed for windmills and any practical situations so all systems will be delivered non-stop and the product will be without defects.

Moulding is the process of chemical composition and creating blade surface applying a number of coate of chemicals. We need to design air velocity for moulding, a very special type which will avoid condensation during chemical and speed in such a way that's all chemical coate and process easily dry chemical and bonds within time. WCSIPL providing two different air terminal devices which will take care all jet application as well as diffusion application inside moulding area. jet application throw air with higher speed up to floor & diffusion type only provide cooling instead of speed.

Finish shed is a major challenge to design the system due to the very very huge dusting application process under the finishing shed. Every blade goes with grinding, finishing and painting activities. Surface area of the blade is huge in size so dust generation is also heavy. HVAC systems need to take care in such a way that all dust particles will be settled at ground and the return air duct will have very less impact of dust. FInishing shed needs to provide a two stage filtration system which will take care of all dust environments. All air terminal devices need to be designed in such a way that dust particles after grinding will not folate inside the area, after generation it will settle at floor.

Our project reference. Nordex India Pvt Ltd Thiruvallur Chennai. Project HVAC Capacity- 5000 TR. Project Budget- 25 Cr, Project Execution period- 7 Month. Please refer attached Case study for more information.

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