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Dear Customer,
We weather controlling solutions India Pvt. Ltd believe in providing our valued customers the best in engineered technology and quality performance for extreme Indian conditions. Striving to keep our commitments and to ensure best product performance, we offer to you exciting "Happy Homes Annual Maintenance Plans" to cover the service support for your products.

Should you avail of these services, our qualified service team will ensure that your products are in optimum condition to give you best performance and at the same time be economical in operations.

Happy Homes Annual Maintenance Plans ensure that we are always there with you at each step.

DX AIR CONDITIONER Capacity / Type Window AC Split AC (Fixed Speed) Split AC (Inverter)
Within 5 Yrs Above 5 Yrs Within 5 Yrs Above 5 Yrs Within 5 Yrs Above 5 Yrs
1 Ton 1,500 1,800 1,600 1,900 2,000 2,300
1.5 Ton 1,800 2,400 1,900 2,500 2,100 2,900
2 Ton 2,200 2,900 2,300 3,000 2,500 3,400

VRF air conditioner
Within 5 Yrs Above 5 Yrs Above 10 Years

Per HP 3500 4500 6500

Air Cooled Chiller Plant Capacity / Type Within 5 Yrs Above 5 Yrs Above 10 Years

Per TR 2500 4500 6500

Water Cooled Chiller Plant Capacity / Type Within 5 Yrs Above 5 Yrs Above 10 Years

Per TR 2800 4800 7300

Direct Expansion Air handling Unit Plant Capacity / Type Within 5 Yrs Above 5 Yrs Above 10 Years

Per TR 2400 3800 6500

Precision Air Conditioner Capacity / Type Within 5 Yrs Above 5 Yrs Above 10 Years

Per TR 6500 8200 10300

Note: Non Comprehensive AMC charges will be 40% less that Comprehensive

Scope: Scope of all inclusive annual maintenance services (AMC services) shall include providing routine maintenance services, pertaining to complaints as and when they occur in Split Air conditioners and central Air conditioners and annual maintenance services. AMC services shall include providing all man power, labour, tools and tackles and replacement of defective spare parts, replacing chilling pipe, outlet pipe etc including consumables. The rates quoted for the AMC services shall also include all taxes and duties as applicable and cost of transportation of freight, insurances etc also.

Routine AMC Services (Once in 3 Months)

Routine maintenance services shall include at least the following services:

  • Cleaning / Replacement of filter.
  • Checking operation of the controls of the air conditioners such as selector switch, thermostat, relays, remote control etc.
  • Checking air flow through the supply air grill, return air grill, condenser.
  • Checking operation of the voltage stabilizer and back up electrical power outlet/ MCB.
  • Checking operation of the drive motors and fans.
  • Checking air temperature at the following location :-
    • Supply air grill
    • Return air grill
    • Inlet air condenser
    • Outlet air from the condenser
  • Checking Firmness of the Supporting arrangement for the compressor, blower motor, air conditioners casing and fixing of the air conditioners etc.
  • Replacement of any component of air conditioners (outdoor and indoor units, inlet and outlet Pipelines, electrical connections etc. found defective after the above checks and tests.
  • Charging of Refrigerant Gas during the period of Contract if need arises.
  • The comprehensive maintenance service shall include repair and replacement of compressor, air filter and any other parts found defective in the contract period. k)Checking and rectifying minor electrical problems associated with power supply for air conditioner units, checking earthing connection for the units.

Annual Maintenance Services (Once in 6 Months)

The scope of work shall include all checks and tests as detailed under routine maintenance services. In addition annual maintenance services shall also include:

  • Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils with suitable detergent / chemical solution and flushing with high-pressure jet of water.
  • Greasing of blower motors and all moving parts.
  • Prevention of rusting of units. The above activities must be carried out within 15(fifteen) days from the date of award of the contract.

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