Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems


Normally Commercial kitchen ventilation system comprises of an exhaust canopy, ductwork, fan system, and a means of providing sufficient make-up air that may be lost through the ventilation. The entire system must comprise of fire-safe assembly within the workspace. Kitchen fumes are pulled into the canopy or hood, pass through the vents, and are thrown out of the building by the fan system itself. Same amount of replacement air from the outside is drawn into the kitchen through make-up air vents.

Why invest in Industrial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Better working Conditions
Kitchens can prove to be very uncomfortable for the people working in them. Normally kitchen areas are exceptionally hot, as the preparation of food items produces smoke, steam, airborne particles and odours that can irate eyes, skin and also cause breathing problems. An Industrial or commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems can help you solve this problem by removing the irritants in the air and reducing the temperature and in turn increase the production and profits for your business.

Control Spreading of odours
The odours that are connected with preparing food cannot be avoided in a commercial kitchen, but a suitable ventilation system can keep these smell or odours from escaping into the dining area, bar or other places where they could be unpleasant for the customers. So installing properly designed kitchen ventilation is very crucial for your business.

Removal of Grease
While frying food, grease can evaporate, become airborne, and deposit itself on walls and ceiling. This can be awfully unhealthy and can cause major issues when it comes to food safety. Kitchen ventilation systems help to eliminate grease particles from the air for a safe and hygienic kitchen environment.

Benefits of our Industrial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

  • We provide specialised design, supply and install custom made commercial kitchen ventilation systems for food manufacturers, restaurants, pubs, clubs, schools and office buildings
  • Assist the client with a complete solution with proper drawings and appropriate technology suggestion
  • Complete stainless steel kitchen installation
  • Fresh air systems
  • Filtration systems, carbon filtration
  • Kitchen extractor fan supply and installation

Use Weather Controlling Solution India Pvt Ltd’s proven Industrial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

We believe in a simple culture: Of providing the supreme quality, at cost effective rates, while keeping in mind the business impact and the environmental concerns. This is strongly supported by our highly qualified engineers and skilled technicians who ensure appropriate size and selection for the given condition.

We work closely with our clients to provide the best solutions both technically and commercially. For all your Industrial Kitchen Ventilation Systems needs, be sure to make Weather Controlling Solution India Pvt Ltd your first choice. Contact us on 020-29985411 and our specialist staff will be happy to help you with your specific requirements.

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