Single-stage evaporative factory cooling services


A Single stage evaporative cooling system is the simplest and the most widely used evaporative cooling system. This uses the heat energy to change water into vapour.

Single Stage Evaporative Cooling is an economical alternative for air conditioning needs in certain conditions. Weather Controlling Solution India Pvt Ltd will help you in guiding which system will work best for your industrial or commercial use. To know more contact us for a factory energy audit.

How does Single Stage evaporative cooling work?

Single Stage evaporative cooling system uses evaporation to cool the air. In this a pump pushes water from the tank onto the dampening pad which become moist. A fan pulls air from the surrounding and passes it through the moist pad. When the air passes through the pad the air is cooled by way of evaporation. Evaporative cooling becomes effective when this pad is completely moist all the time.

Single Stage evaporative cooling system works best in a hot, dry climate where it is fine to add humidity to air while cooling it. This is a cost-effective choice to refrigeration-based air conditioning.

Use Weather Controlling Solution India Pvt Ltd’s proven cooling systems

Whether evaporative cooling or another air conditioning system is right for you, Weather Controlling Solution India Pvt Ltd will have the solution you need to ensure comfort throughout your factory or industrial space. Benefit from our cost effective services today by calling us to install energy-efficient cooling systems.

Contact us for Industrial Humidity Controlling Solutions Requirement

Weather controlling solutions India Pvt Ltd has years of experience in developing the latest and new methods to provide industrial humidity control solutions for a variety of applications. We can work in the humidity levels between 30% - 90%. We provide the latest technology that holds the moisture in the air if required. Our expert, qualified and friendly team of technicians are always ready to answer all your queries and build a robust system for you.

If you need Industrial Humidity Controlling Solutions, Weather Controlling Solution India Pvt Ltd has it for you. Contact us on 020-29985411 and our specialist staff will be happy to help you with your specific requirements.

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