Two-stage evaporative cooling system


A two-stage evaporative cooling system is also called as indirect cooling system which uses the latest evaporative cooling system technology. This system is more energy efficient than air conditioning systems.

How does two-stage evaporative cooling function?

Two-stage evaporative refers to the stages of cooling that happens in the process. In the first stage the air passes through a heat exchanger where the air is cooled, during this initial phase the air does not pick up any moisture. In the second stage, the same air passes through a dampened pad where the additional cooling takes place and the air picks up some additional humidity.

Two-stage evaporative cooling system use a pre-cooler, more efficient pads, and more efficient motors, and do not add a lot of moisture to the room as compared to single-stage evaporative coolers. As they are expensive as compared to the single stage coolers they are used in areas where the day temperature exceeds 100°F.

Advantages of two-stage evaporative System

  • This technology helps in reducing the cost by conserving the energy and where single stage evaporative cooling systems cannot be used due to high humidity
  • It is cost effective and consumes half the energy required by an air conditioner and the investment is also relatively quite low
  • Two-stage evaporative cooling systems helps in cooling the conditioning space by 100% fresh air and are designed for 25-40 air changes per hour which is quite similar to ventilation
  • It is an eco friendly cooling system as no refrigerants are used

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