Wcsipl provides hvac systems and different solutions that help organisations with their factory, building and process they need. The company works onsite...

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Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Quality control for pharmaceutical products begins first with precision control of temperature, humidity, and air quality...

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Plastic Molding

Plastic injection manufacturing facilities generate a substantial amount of indoor heat, as the melting point temperature of certain materials...

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Air-conditioning in textile mills plays a performance based system and is linked to quality and productivity of the textile production...

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In order to ensure an efficient process and excellent and consistent quality of the printed product, the temperature and humidity in places designed...

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Engine Test Facilities

Engine test benches are crucial instruments to perform tests on internal combustion engines. Possible purposes of these tests are to detect...

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Fabrication Shops

Air Movement or Skin Velocity is major Impacting factor to create comfort. We can create comfort with the help of normal fans at normal temperature...

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Laborotories majority of cases, the specified conditions are suitable not only for the materials being tested, but also for the comfort and efficiency...

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Educational Facility Air Conditioning

Coming Soon

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Data Centers

Data centers and data center HVAC systems are critical, energy-hungry infrastructures that operate around the clock. They provide computing...

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From the traditional to the most innovative, there are several drying solutions for your industrial process. Depending on your needs, the processing time...

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Electronic component assembly, manufacturing, and all areas where they are used need to be maintained at the proper desired temperature with required humidity...

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Food Industries

Wcsipl plays a pivotal role in helping you to get a better perspective of your processes and grow your business. We offer hvac solutions for Food...

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Hospital Air Conditioning

Hospitals are very complex environments that require special HVAC system design, maintenance and repair considerations. HVAC systems in healthcare...

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Phtografic Material

There are a number of environmental factors that affect photographs: temperature, relative humidity, air purity and light are the most important...

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Museums, Galleries, Archives, and Libraries

This general introduction to the current approach to controlling ambient RH and temperature in museums is intended for all museum professionals...

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Environment Control for animal and plants

Plant growth and geographic distribution are greatly affected by the environment. If any environmental factor is less than ideal...

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HVAC is critical for the warehouses because a lot of products are sensitive to temperature or humidity and dust and no consumer likes to get damaged...

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Wind Turbine Manufacturing

Windmill manufacturing facility is one biggest challenge for HVAC design considering large spaces, huge high hangers, a lot of dust generation...

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Solar based hot water Generation

Solar water heating systems include storage tanks and solar collectors. There are two types of solar water heating systems: active...

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Solar based Steam and Electricity generation

Concentrated solar power (CSP) utilize lenses and mirrors in order to focus solar irradiation on a small area. The concentrated radiation...

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